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A Cultist’s “Defense”

Griping about the zealousness of anti-mormon critics…

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Have A Narnia Christmas

Christmas is a conglomeration of disparate traditions. Find your way to make Christmas meaningful.

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Take heart, we can learn from our mistakes. In the beginning we were given the freedom to make our own choices, and that means we’ll do things that are against our own long-term interest. We can learn from them. And the Atonement of Christ means that they don’t have to block us from progressing.

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Praise to The Man

So Christmas is on its merry way and media reports are all full of worried merchants agonizing about people not spending enough money. I realize that selling (mostly unneeded) junk is how many people earn their living (starting with the

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Nostalgia Moment

Since today is the 29th anniversary of my baptism, I thought I’d engage in some more exhibitionist self-analysis. I have been on a recovery trend lately, after suffering some health problems, and it is with gratitude that I look at

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On Giving Thanks

I guess our family is among a very small minority of Europeans, who celebrate thanksgiving. For my wife and me it was one of the things that we decided to bring back with us from our forays into the wider

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Testimony Or Certainty

In October General Conference this year, Elder Carlos Godoy‘s talk was titled Testimony As A Process. I really loved it. It was important for me, because it highlighted the fact that powerful spiritual experiences are not necessary for a strong

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Understanding Strangeness

I did not start to blog in order to react to news. This week there’s some news that I want to comment. This AP article on CNN’s web site tells about how the honorary chair of American Gathering of Holocaust

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A Measure of Relief

This post has nothing to do with my other posts, this is just a personal indulgence. I am no movie critic, but in my years I have watched a few, some many times over. Not so much in the last

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The People of The Book

I heard years ago this term used for two groups: Jews and Muslims. Jews, of course, have long identified with the Torah, and later with the Hebrew Bible (or Tanakh), that is included in the Christian Bible as the Old

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