Can You Make Mormons Simple?

Laurel and Doug are trying to. They have a site,, which “uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith”. I checked out the ones they have put out so far, and I liked them. So you’ll get to see them, too. At least they are simple, and to me, it seems they explain fairly well the stuff I’d spend a lot of time explaining.

Here is a sample about attending a Mormon Church service (edited 2/26 to refer to the video I intended to show):

My system delivered a sound that was a little choppy. It may be the new ALSA drivers. The VLC Multimedia Plug-in that my system uses has not acted up previously, so I’m curious to find out if that’s just my box.

You can embed these videos on your Myspace or Facebook page (if you’re looking to embed in a WordPress blog post, check here how to do it. Hint: the URL can be copied from the embed link on the MormonsMadeSimple site, the embed code doesn’t work on WordPress):

Attending a Mormon Church Service: MySpace, Facebook
The Book of Mormon: MySpace, Facebook

I suppose it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to get these videos spread about. After all, many people are looking for simple answers to some basic questions, and often we do not really know how to explain simply. Some things just can not be explained as simply as some people would like, but as for me, I can’t answer simple questions simply anyway; and especially since the Church has been such a big part of my daily life for 30 years, I can hardly remember what it’s like without.

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