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If you have added your comment here somewhere, and it hasn’t shown up, it may be because you have left a very short comment that is just a little note, and a link to a site. That kind of comment tends to get snapped up by the spam filter, since it’s become a very popular way to inject dangerous links to blogs. Just write a comment like “hello there, nice blog” and then send it to 1,000,000 blogs automatically, with a link that leads the reader to a site that does cross-site, different injections, what have you. Not nice.

And it’s a bit much to check a lot of those links, and what if there’s a couple of sites using a security hole that’s still there? (The last sentence can be explained by telling, that, for example Firefox, every time someone reports a major flaw to Mozilla, they come up with a fix within hours rather than days. Usually the hole is not even publicized until Mozilla has had a day or two to assess how it affects their update schedule — now with Micro$oft you might be in trouble unless you really know you’re using the very latest and best from M$ — and the number of Internet Explorer 6s and 7s still in the ‘net is enough to make one understand how easy it is to create botnets…)

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  1. Blain says:

    Yeah. I get those comments all the time. And subscribe requests from gmail or .ru addresses. But requiring a users first comment to be approved has kept me from getting many of those through (the first few did, until I noticed the pattern, now none do).

    • velska says:

      When I started, I figured that although I don’t want to censor (except clearly offensive/vulgar language), I want everyone to have that one approved comment before they’ll get posted straight on the blog. I don’t care so much for those Viagra sales ads.

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