The Co-Eternal Man Chapter 3 — Co-Creator

Our Heavenly Father did not only create us in his image. He told us how we can approach him and become more like him. If we look at the world in which the Old Testament scriptures were given, it was revolutionary in its lenience and mercy. Isaiah’s strongest condemnation was to the “shepherds of Israel” who did not feed their flock; and people who oppressed the poor, abused their position to extort wealth from the widow, orphan and the poor. (Not so far from the approach that the Savior had)

Well, I’ll talk about poverty and social inequality another time.

One of the greatest gifts that our Father gave us is the possibility to be co-creators with him. When we form a union that is acceptable to our Father and bring forth offspring, we are doing what God is doing: He wants his children to have the opportunities opened by mortality and physical bodies. I don’t know if I can quite explain the sacramental nature of sexuality in a good marriage. It’s just so much more than what usually is understood by the public — deducing from the kind of entertainment the big crowds follow. Marriage is being one physically, mentally and spiritually.

The offspring of such union will grow up with the security that a loving relationship between parents can give. Their chances of finding happiness in life are greater.

But we must remember, that we cannot be the judges of other people, especially based on fleeting impressions. The kind of love I’m talking about continues after the guests have gone and Monday is here.

Just like we did not come out of nowhere, it is no great feat of logic to figure out that our children didn’t either. They are spirit children of our Father, like we. So we are, in fact, building up the self-esteem and -image our own brothers and sisters.

We talk much about eternal families. But what is it that we mean? Children will forever be small and innocent and live with their parents in a state of never-ending happiness? No. It means, the way I see it, that we are a part of a network.

Have you seen a fishnet? There you actually have a big bunch of knots; two lines tied together immovably, and ever leading to new lines. Then imagine that we have several grandparents and grandchildren, and we have a three-dimensional network of two lines tied together. And then imagine it continuing forever — “my work is one eternal round”. I don’t think the Father meant that he is going around in circles, rather he tried to illustrate the impossibility of our understanding Eternity.

Be that how it may, we will have answers to all our questions one day. At the moment what we do know is that:

  • When Jesus called his Father our Father (“I go back to my Father and your Father…”), he wasn’t speaking allegorically. That is attested by numerous scriptures in the Bible, and particularly the modern revelation available in the Pearl of Great Price.
  • When Jesus said that there were many mansions in his Father’s house, he meant that we will be able to dwell with our Father. And, as Paul tells us, we are “joint-heirs with Christ.” Christ told us in the Sermon on  the Mount to be “perfect, even as [our] Father in Heaven is perfect.”
  • We were given this physical body so that we could become more like our Father. Remember that Christ was risen on the third day, and ascended to Heaven in a bodily form? He did not lose his body! And Father also is a resurrected, glorified and perfected Man (with a capital M); this Father prepared for his children a way to become like him.
  • One does not have to be righteous to have a posterity on this Earth, that is clear. There seems to be no SAT for becoming a parent, and yet parenting will be the second most important thing we’ll ever do as mortals. Right after making our relationships with our spouses so kindly, that we will actually want to spend the Eternity as a couple in the 3D network of gods. Yes, gods.
  • The early church fathers (Ante-Nicene Fathers [— not Anti-Nicene!]) talked much about humans’ possibilities of attaining divine character. Their work was then overruled by later, more pessimistic philosopher-theologians like Augustine. This trend culminated in Sartre and Nietsche and existential philosophers, to whom the imminent threat of annihilation was as clear and present as the Twin Towers are absent, to bring a harrowing image to your mind.

It is quite impossible to go through the Eternal Man’s history in a couple of blog posts, especially since I know such a small portion of it. But I trust that through the revelations received by the Prophets of old as well as modern ones plus those of my own, I can say with confidence, that for any man who takes the hand that the Lord offers the future has much to offer.

And I may to some even sound indifferent, but I’m nothing of the sort, when I say, that it does not really matter which church holds your membership record — even if none does — as long as you are found to be humble and striving to take up your cross and put off the natural man and devote yourself to the service of the Lord and your fellow men. Then you’re doing the will of the Lord. (A good start is to start treating your family members as if you knew they are your Eternal family, and future deities. After all, Eternity starts right here! By small means….

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