Think of Light As Symbol of Spirit, Truth And More

I started the Co-Eternal Man series by quoting extensively from Doctrine & Covenants 93. You’ll remember, that there the Lord speaks through Joseph Smith, and the words Light, Truth and Spirit are used to express ideas that are associated with the following things:

  • Truth is Light, and actually vice versa. It is easy to understand that idea, if you think that you can only see clearly when you have light. You’ll understand the spiritual symbolism.
  • The Spirit of the Lord is the Light of Truth. In everything the Lord has organized, there is at least some of the light of truth; these are eternal laws that Father has voluntarily decided to abide by. Any scientific discovery is Truth, if it actually is valid and not a misinterpreted notion, as many phenomena have been misinterpreted in history.
  • The Spirit of Life is what makes us all live. You can “create” protein chains that react with enzymes, but is that really Life wit a capital L? Will it grow by itself, propagate itself and begin to evolve towards more complex and variable forms of life? Not so far, but perhaps some day. That’ll be discovering the principles that Jehovah set in motion when he organized the Earth so that it’ll be a suitable place for us to inhabit.
  • When our Spirit inhabits our resurrected body, to be forever connected, we will be like our Father.
  • There are different degrees of glory in resurrection. I suggest that the degree of glory we will have depends on how far we have purified ourselves so that the Spirit can sanctify us. The same spirit will sanctify and glorify this Earth, which will become Celestial. And if we are built from Celestial materials, we can be Celestial, too.
  • These are partly my speculation. Read the scriptures and ponder.
  • When Joseph Smith gave the famous King Follett Sermon, there were several people, who were taking notes. When he said God has not always been a god, but he has become one. And as he has allowed his Son in the flesh to sacrifice himself so that he’ll have power to redeem us, purify and sanctify us, we can follow him.
  • I suggest these questions are the very root of our being and purpose.
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4 comments on “Think of Light As Symbol of Spirit, Truth And More
  1. Kathi says:

    Great post. Glad I found your blog!
    My thoughts on this: Intelligence, which is the “light of truth” was not created or made…it always existed.(93:9)Our spirit bodies were formed from intelligences. The Glory of God is intelligence, or light and truth(a fulness, completeness of light and truth/intelligence.)(93:36) As we keep His commandments, we receive of His fulness, grace for grace, and are glorified in Him (93:20). Therefore, the amount of light and truth we receive here on this earth pertains to the amount of glory we receive…degree of glory? The Prophet Joseph Smith said, “Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection.”

  2. velska says:


    My understanding goes along your lines. One observation is interesting.

    There were seven people taking good notes on the sermon. When Joseph said that God had not always been God, two of seven (if I remember right, I think it’s verifiable at wrote, that God has always been God! We tend to hear what we think ourselves.

  3. Kathi says:

    Don’t hesitate to visit my blog ;o)

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