Human Civilisation Emerged in Africa

African Wisdom Statue.

Part of African Wisdom Statue

Part of African Wisdom Statue.

This one was lifted straight from Gently Hew Stone, who (yes, that blog name comes most likely from a speech-to-text misunderstanding, owing to English pronunciation being a bit quirky) sometimes has cracked a joke or two about it. Anyhow, you’ve got the link directly to the blog post up there, top of page, hard to miss.

But my subject was something else. You know how it seemed the Africa’s explorers only found these supposedly very primitive cultures in Africa? It seemed they largely kept to themselves lots of these marks of higher culture; it would have been embarrassing to come up with something refined and cultured. This little statue, too, while he’s sitting (?) in the public museum, he’s in a nook where few people notice him.

And all around Africa, remains of higher cultures were forgotten until 20th century, after the Second World War! Then you could study something like this, although for the most part, study was based on the earliest missionaries’ efforts; they found historical documents more than actual artefacts, because those were destroyed in the efforts to suborn African people, or purposefully destroyed by the very developed countries, too. One cannot go about talking of African higher civilisation, when the delusional ideas about “race” were driven home by propaganda that only saw the racist side of the discussion, claiming that Africans were a “lower life form”. Lower life form, my arse! (Mind you, there’s no biological basis for “races” in humans.) But it was the very basis of the late-19th to early 20th century eugenics, “racial purity” and “race hygiene”. And that was how slavery was defended in Europe and USA later Jim Crow and legal segregation.

Now, I realise I’m being a bit too frank for many people who would “swear to god” they’re not racist (if one feels one should “swear to god”, isn’t it obvious that they feel like that, because somewhere inside they know they’re racist). I know they’re pretty frank, I almost feel it, which is ridiculous in a way, me being more on the receiving end, or at least accompanied by the receiving end; I’ve heard every racist rant and joke. I think? Please don’t try to show me up. It’s not been me, but I’ve been in “their” group, and “they” are dangerous. I’ve got good camouflage, so while I’m among the ones without any pigmentation to speak of, they might start telling racist jokes to each other and me. That changes remarkably fast, when I tell them what I think of such “jokes”.

Think about how much we’ve learnt about this world, and how much we’re going to need education, about everything under the sun. We’ve got so much to learn. But start always with one idea in our minds, about how important it is to start always without prejudice. Prejudice is something that blinds our hearts, minds and eyes. It blinds us such that we cannot see what is happening, unless it conforms to our prejudice. Prejudice, by the way, is something we all have. We all have grown up in a certain environment, picked up certain values, vocabulary et.c that it’s virtually impossible to be completely unprejudiced, try as we might. I see in myself a learning curve with every issue I’ve studied more closely.

In any case, I would love to see us learn one basic thing of our condition here: We are a single human race (not five different ones, just one), inhabiting this one Globe. And I predict that mining on the moon is going to be fairly useless, as well as it is on Mars and asteroids. Not so much because there’s nothing there, but because it’s just going to cost so much to get it back to Earth that whatever gold rush they manage to start, it will not enrich anyone materially, but positively it might enrich our knowledge of the solar system. That’s something, at least.

Now, anyway, about human civilisation. It seems that we did come out of Africa at one point. Genetics studies have confirmed it many times over since the study of historical artefacts shown it to be the case. I do expect to see some surprises on that front, when our knowledge grows. But if we follow the artefacts found in Europe and in Africa, it was in Africa that we learnt to use tools. Now, our thinking has evolved a little bit. There are still your American Evangelicals, who, having lost the fight against same-sex marriage (and the culture wars overall), were practically the engine that drove the law in Uganda, that made homosexuality punished by death. In the same verse with homosexuality, eating shellfish was forbidden as an abomination. I don’t see any Evangelicals campaign against eating shellfish.

Anyway, that campaign by American Evangelicals is a part of some kind of colonial mindset, that sees Africans as needing this kind of spiritual guidance, as though it isn’t enough to let people read the Bible and take the lead from there (the oldest Christian church in existence being the Egyptian Coptic Church; the gospel was taken to Africa before Rome), but they need to be told how to interpret the Bible in the most strident way possible (although, American Evangelicals are hardly at the forefront of exegesis).

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