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For Common Good From Tribal Society to a Global One

This was my Earth Hour. Well, not exactly, but I thought about responsibility and loving-kindness. And denounce force and extortion. Decided not to categorize this “Politics” because this is not “politics”, although it is.

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The Co-Eternal Man

From the first lesson: Our consciousness and personality was not created (especially out of nothing), but has always existed; neither can it be destroyed, so there is escape from consciousness; read about the ideas of Eternal Man. Almost managed to stay under 1,000 words, but there’s a long quotation…

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Weaknesses, Temptations And Succor

Weakness and temptation are familiar to you, as long as you are a mortal human being. Take heart, we have an Advocate, an Intercessor, who has suffered more than we ever could imagine, so he would be able to Succor us in our infirmities.

Whether you are nodding your head in agreement or shaking your head in exasperation, feel free to comment. Lately I’ve just been deleting spam…

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An Acceptable Batting Average?

Even a lame sports analogy can help us understand things. Check out how batting average relates to our efforts to become better people.

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Can I Forgive – And What About Forgetting?

Can I forgive other people – and can I forget. For me remembering what Christ did for me has helped me realize that I should at least make an honest effort. But forgiving does not mean that we have to remain exposed to abuse.

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Take heart, we can learn from our mistakes. In the beginning we were given the freedom to make our own choices, and that means we’ll do things that are against our own long-term interest. We can learn from them. And the Atonement of Christ means that they don’t have to block us from progressing.

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