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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

“I think, therefore I am,” right? Well, think again. Questioning the deeper mysteries of mind and consciousness. Not trying to answer questions as much as ask the right questions about mind and matter.

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The Co-Eternal Man Chapter 3 — Co-Creator

Man is continuing the Creation. In our families, we have the children of Heavenly Father, whose bodies we have created out of the dust of the earth. And the Circle of Life goes on.

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About Beginnings And Ends

Philosophizing about beginnings and ends. Has to do with the bit about knowing God, which is called Eternal life.

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Families And Freedom to Choose — Otherwise Called Moral Agency

We are all family, but what does that mean? Can we stop God from loving us and blessing us? The short answer is no.

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Who Am I — Who Are We in the Eyes of Others

An all-purpose coming-out party for a persecuted minority. Try to figure out which one that is…

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Commandments, the Whys Part 2

Now, you can see that the same commandment protects the one I would steal from. Moreover, I would say that there is another side to the commandments. A spiritual side, that is. The Lord states quite clearly, for example, that the law of tithing will prepare us for the law of consecration. We get used to the idea, that what we have is not necessarily all ours.

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Culture, Folklore or Doctrine?

You’re likely to hear many ideas about any particular question you ask of Mormons, depending on whom you ask. No problem. There is a way to find out.

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Why Should We Go to The Temple?

How can we be armed with the power of the Lord?

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A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

What can we learn about service from the song that gave the title to this? I am not trying to give a final, complete answer, just some ideas. A good example of take-home messages: by healing others’ wounds our own can be healed.

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Hosanna, Rejoice!

Realizing the plan of happiness Heavenly Father has for us can give us a major reason to rejoice. Read on and rejoice!

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