About Me & My Two Cents

My first post gives some info about me. You can read it here.

6 comments on “About Me & My Two Cents
  1. Wendy Greer says:

    Dear Velska,

    Congratulations! Wendy here, and your blog, Velska’s Blog, was determined
    to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance. And so, it has
    received our 2010 Top 50 Mormon Blogs award!

    You can see your name amongst our winners here at:

    Winners were chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations,
    which came from your reader base! These were gathered over a week time
    period, and combined with a judges score of your website!

    You can let your readers know you won by embedding the badge code to one of
    the different awards graphics found at:

    If you choose to accept or decline the award, please let me know.

    Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Many
    questions can be answered at http://www.onlinephdprograms.com/top_mormon/about/,
    bestbloggers.org/about/, or bestbloggers.org/disclaimer/.

    Again, Congratulations, and I hope to see your badge soon!

    Wendy Greer

  2. velska says:

    I haven’t checked out this site yet, but it sounds like a little sneakier way to get you to advertise them. I’ll report back when I’ve checked.

    • velska says:

      I have checked this site now, and on the assumption that there actually is a genuine public vote on this, I will put the badge on my front page. I mean, we all are at least a little bit vain.

      Besides, it looks like the rest of the blogs on this site are not the kookiest ones I’ve run into.

  3. Scott says:

    Hey Velska,

    Hate to break it to you but I think that Blog Award is a complete scam. Their site is just trying to get people to sign up for PhD programs and there was no public vote that I could see. Also, I tried to go to “bestbloggers.org” and it seems like it isn’t even a real site.

    Keep up the great work though!

    • Velska says:

      Did you notice I did say it’s probably an ad site for online diplomas.

      Also, I did say that in August 2010. Then there was some signs that there had been some kind of a vote and the site bestbloggers.org still worked.

      It’s time to take it down, anyways, so thanks for reminding. I hadn’t noticed your comment there… got stuck in moderation. I don’t usually modify comments, unless there’s clearly ad hominem attacks or shocking vulgarities.

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